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Box diet



We focus on health, freshness and taste fantasies in our box diets!

Healthy doesn't always mean boring, see for yourself!


Our box diet is five meals a day. All menus are created

based on the advice of nutritionists, and their taste and variety

our experienced chefs are watching over.



1200 kcal - 39 PLN / day

1500 kcal - 42 PLN / day

1800 kcal -45 PLN / day

2000 kcal -47 PLN / day

2500 kcal - 52 PLN / day





Questions? Call: 516 081 542



Here are some reasons why you should choose our diet:


  • Healthy and tasty meals.

  • A modern packaging system guarantees freshness and hygiene.

  • The packaging is adapted for heating in a microwave oven.

  • All meals are prepared with high-quality healthy products.

  • Individual calorie selection tailored to your needs: 1200 or 1500

  • Saving time.


Our diet will help you maintain healthy eating habits and improve well-being.



Join us! Do something for yourself.


Do you want to learn more:

Call tel: 516 081 542 or write



Tasty, healthy and with an idea ...



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