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Mazovian Culinary Heritage

We are pleased to boast of membership in the European Culinary Heritage Network Mazowsze.
In running the restaurant, we rely on Polish dishes, often returning to our native ones

dishes of our region. Our chefs have been using products for over 15 years

from nearby crops and from local processors.

We encourage you to sample company dishes marked with the Mazovia Culinary Heritage Mark:

About the Culinary Heritage Network of Mazovia

The European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage is an association of producers and processors
and restaurateurs from individual European member regions. The idea of the European Culinary Heritage Network was created in the Swedish city of Skåne and on the Danish island of Bornholm in 1995. The initiative quickly met with great interest of many European regions, which make sure that the inhabitants and tourists offer delicious and unique regional food. Currently, the network brings together twenty-five European regions. The main purpose of the regions in the network is to promote regional food based on local raw materials. Within the member regions there is a regional network bringing together producers, processors and distributors of regional food. As culinary heritage is an important element of cultural heritage, the European Culinary Heritage Network creates the image and promotes the region. It contributes to the development of entrepreneurship, also creates a platform for cooperation for many enterprises in the region, which is why it is important for this initiative to become a permanent element of activities promoting Masovian food.

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