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A group of trusted people works at "Pod Różami". Some people have been associated with the company since its foundation,

others joined her as the company grew.

In connection with the wide commercial and gastronomic activity in the company, people work in such positions as:

cook, waiter, receptionist, cleaner, cashier / salesman.

Most of them have been acting in the company's good name for years, they are loyal to it, trying to create the best possible image for it.

As a result, these employees gained the trust and recognition of the owners. There is a group of people who constantly improve their qualifications by participating in various trainings and courses. Everyone, however, strives for the greatest professionalism and quality of services provided.

The owners appreciate the work of all employees, but are open to meeting new, creative people,

which, along with the development of the company, they could employ in appropriate positions to jointly build the company's prestige and rank.

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