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Savoir Vivre workshops

The Sour Vivre course is a 1.5 hour course for school and out of school groups that allows children to understand the basic principles of table behavior. During the lessons, children eat a specially composed meal consisting of them

with starters, soups, main course and dessert, which allows them to learn the principles of good table manners in practice.

At the end of the course, each child receives a certificate of participation.



Place: Restauracja Pod Różami, Jedlnia-Letnisko ul. Radomska 49

Minimum number of people: 10


Fixed menu:


1. Appetizer: Bruschetta 1 pcs

2. Tomato cream with puff peas
3. Pork escalopes with ham served with baked potatoes and grilled beetroot.
4. Dessert: Company cake

5. Compote


(The menu can be modified for vegans or vegetarians)


Price per person: 35 PLN




12:00 Welcome guests (each participant should dress elegantly)

12:10 Seating at the tables

12:15 Introduction to the Savoir Vivre lesson (explanation of the basic principles, folding napkins)

12:25 Appetizer

12:35 Discussion

12:45 Soup and main dance

12:55 Riddles and anecdotes

13:05 Dessert

13:15 Discussion

13:20 Final Speech

13:30 Handing out certificates and ending


*ATTENTION! There is a possibility of a scenic walk Nad Zalew / In Kozienicka Forest.

* Travel on your own.

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